Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas At Our House

This year we did our Gingerbread houses the first week of December.  I wanted to get them out of the way before the onslaught of other Christmas stuff.  The kids all had a blast, as usual.  Yet my favorite part by far was Emily's determination to "do it myself".  Her little house was so covered in frosting by the end of the evening.  The only place that saw more frosting was her belly.  I finally had to take the tube away because she had eaten so much of it - yuck - that stuff works like cement and doesn't taste much better. 

 The older kids creativity gets more fun every year.  Natali was making beds and using cinnamon bears as people.  Mack built a van going into the shop.  Andrew just wanted to do it himself and use as much candy as possible.  And Kate, well she just loved decorating her house and actually doing a lot of it herself this year.
On the 24th we always act out the Nativity.  The kids were so excited to get out the costume; they were all fighting over who got to be who so I promised we would act it out as many times as they wanted. 

Emily talked all week about being Mary but when the time came she dressed as a wise man.  Then by the time we got the story going she had decided to be baby Jesus.

Natali wanted to be Mary for the first half of the story then we traded so she could be a wise man.   A bit ironic that Mary was pregnant for the second half of the story.

Mack was Joseph and Andrew and I were shepherds listening to a very vivacious angel.  Greg was an excellent donkey, narrator, and wise man.  By the time it was all over no one wanted to do it again.  They loved it but decided they had tried on enough costumes and they were getting too hot. 

 The next morning was so fun just to watch.  I loved Emmy's pleasure in a simple purse full of plastic treasures.  But her favorites were my old cell phone and candy.

Kate was thrilled with her new microphone and loved modeling the skirt Natali made her.

Andrew had his usual stash of plastic animals.  Soon there will be no Schleick animals that he doesn't own.  What will he ask for then?

Mack with his loot and his BYU paraphernalia. 

Natali is getting so old she doesn't ask for simple toys anymore.  Her Kindle was a huge success and she has spent hours reading on it already.  This year I also made her 3 skirts (because I couldn't  find any that were long enough and skinny enough for my string bean).  I spent a lot of time on them and was so happy that she liked them and was excited to try them on.

We all had a great Christmas and I have loved just hanging out with all my kids, playing games, and being together.

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