Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Lily

After much waiting here is our little Lily Ellen.  She was the closest to her due date and my biggest baby  weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz.
Lily, just minutes after she was born.
She didn't like getting clothes on or being strapped in the car seat but as soon as we started the car she stopped screaming.
First days home.
 Here she found her thumb and loved it.  Too bad her other fingers jabbed her eye and ended the fun.
 I tried my hand at photography and learned it was trickier than I thought, but I did catch a few good ones.

First Bath

We love our little Lily.  Emmy loves to bring her diapers and burp cloths.  The other kids all love to kiss and hold her and Natali is especially helpful.  We are still waiting to see what color her hair will be and I'm holding out for a brown eyed girl; genetics are in my favor but I'm 0 for 5 thus far.  We still have a lot of adjusting to do but we are so excited she is here.


Heather said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations you guys. Glad Mack is doing ok too.

Laura Bernard said...

She looks so tiny in the bath! My baby is a monster now! She is so precious, Lisa. Can't wait to meet her. And I am very impressed with your photography skills! Well done!