Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kater Tot

 Oh, my Kate is growing up.   I thought I had her all figured out, but she has changed so much in the last year.  When we get to school each morning my little girl, who used to be so shy, is swarmed by friends.   Her baby voice is nearly gone and she has really stepped up to meet the demands of Kindergarten.  She loves to please her teacher and is learning that she can do hard things.

She is also learning about the power to choose and the consequences of choices.  For example, letting Andrew smear your head in chap stick results in nasty, greasy hair that has to be washed in all sorts of strange things over and over and over again.  Not such a fun lesson, but a good one.  Another thing Kate learned this year is that short hair gets less tangled than long hair.  A few weeks before her birthday she declared that she would never let me comb her hair again.  "Just cut it all off,"  she said.  I was sad to see it go but she was thrilled.  I've realized she really doesn't care much about her hair as long as it doesn't have to be brushed.

I love to listen to her sing or play with Emily.  Sometimes the two of them will just disappear for hours.  She also loves to talk and play with Lily, but I think her favorite thing is my phone.  If she needs a distraction or incentive, I use the phone.  To get her to do her homework, we use the phone.  I often get my phone returned with hundreds of photos and some very strange videos.

 Pretty excited over clothes huh!  She got a Brave doll and numerous other toys but for some reason we only have these silly clothes pictures, but those faces are priceless.
Natali convinced Kate to let her decorate the cake.  Kate gave the order and Natali carried it out. 
This picture was taken in February but I just love it.  Lily was asleep on the couch and Kate just snuggled up next to her and fell asleep.  I love that little sweetheart.

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