Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Soccer

Kate played soccer for the first time this spring.  She surprised us all with her commitment.  Even in severe wind she stayed with her team and ran around on the field when it was her turn.  She had a tendency to avoid the ball but she had fun.  Here she is receiving her medal and playing with her teammate, Alissa, and Emily.  Yes, these are lame pictures, but at least I have some.

 On the other hand, I have no pictures of Mack's team at all.  Greg was his coach so that meant I had a newborn in the terrible wind or scorching heat, or I couldn't even watch his game because we had two other games at the same time.  Mack had fun, as usual, but Greg would rather not coach a team like that again.
Andrew was the newbie on his team.  The rest of the boys had played together for a longtime.  They were really fun to watch and Andrew liked learning to play goalie.

Three games every Saturday was totally wild but I was so glad they all had the chance.  Emily says she wants to play next year...we'll see.

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