Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Jungle Party

The day before Andrew's birthday he had his first friend party.  He invited 4 friends and one cousin and randomly, one of Mack's friends invited himself.  Luckily, I had a little heads up that he might come, but it was still a little funny.  The party was animal themed (shocker).
Andrew doesn't like birthday cake so I made one of his favorites - Christmas Wreaths- in the shape of a gigantic snake.  My  kids thought it was awesome but I think some of the party guests were disappointed not to have cake and ice cream.  We did have an ice cream drink...
I hired a youth from church to bring a few specimen from his vast reptile collection for the boys to learn about.  They got to hold a few of them and learned all sorts of interesting things.  One boy kept muttering, "I'm going to die.  I'm going to die."  Otherwise, everyone loved it.

If you look past Mack you will see some of my decorations.  By my standards I went all out and actually put crepe paper vines and leaves around the house.

We played a few games and opened presents then I let them do what boys do best - wrestle, run, jump, tackle, kick balls, and yell.  I snagged this mellow photo while they were eating their take home "specimen" (goldfish, gummy worms, teddy grahms…).  Andrew loved the party and even though it is overwhelming, it really was kind of fun to plan.
Here is Andrew on his birthday with his stash from the family.

Andrew's curiosity teaches me patience and helps me think about "why?".  His energy keeps me looking for ways to keep him busy.  His passion has taught me way more about animals than I ever thought I'd know.  He challenges me to become the parent he needs.  I love his smile and how he can talk a mile a minute when he is excited.  I love hearing about his day and listening to him try to reason himself out of trouble.  He loves Lily and sincerely wants me to have another baby because he thinks she is so fun and cute.  He is a fabulous big brother and we love him so much!  Happy Birthday!

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