Monday, March 25, 2013

Basketball Brothers - Feburary

This year for basketball Mack and Andrew got to be on the same team (hurray!)  Our neighbor was the coach so he picked them up and brought them home whenever I couldn't (which was far too often).  The boys loved it. 

Can you see Mack’s taped together glasses?  Mack got new glasses in November and we had already replaced the frames entirely once and taken them in for repairs three other times.  It is tough to play sports with glasses.

Apparently, our bad genes have been passed onto Andrew as well.  The last week of 2nd grade he joined the older Eastons and got glasses.  That is 3 for 3 kids getting glasses in the 2nd grade.   The primary kids sang in church for Father’s Day.  As I looked at all the little kids I realized that only 4 of the kids out of 70 or 80 had glasses.  Of those 4, 3 of them were Eastons.   Maybe my little girls will get better eye genes – I can only hope.

I know Greg has some pics on his phone and we took video of them in action, but that takes too much coordination to figure out.  Maybe someday, but for now I am just going to post this so I don't forget that the boys actually played basketball 7 months ago.

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