Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweet Little Lily

I decided to do another photo shoot of Lily a few days ago.  She would only smile if I wasn't behind the camera so I failed to catch her beautiful smile, but I still think I managed to get some cute pictures.  Here’s our Lily, seven months old, sitting like a pro, and the joy of our home. 

Our Own TV Show

 “You guys should have your own TV show!” Our waitress stated.
I was eating dinner in IHOP, just me and the six kids.  We were waiting to pick Greg up from the airport after a week-long business trip.  The waitress couldn't believe they were all mine; she made multiple comments to express her shock.  On the other hand, I was very impressed.  Andrew, at the opposite end of the table was eating his food, mostly sitting in his seat, and not bothering anyone.  Void of dramatics, Kate was waiting patiently for me to cut up her pancake.  Emily was content with her gogurt (such a healthy dinner).   Natali was being a wonderful helper while I spoon-fed Lily, who was actually not screaming between bites. Oh and Mack, he was just doing his thing, as usual.  One of the last times I took all six kids out to dinner alone Emily barfed all over and Lily screamed.   I was ecstatic that things were going this well.
  “Are we really that strange?”
“Well, there are just so many of you.”
Good observation.  As I left the restaurant I was reminded of how crazy I must look to many people.  But, tonight I am enjoying a little less chaos since Greg and the boys are on their way to Yellowstone.  As part of the deal, Greg left his computer so I can finally catch up on blogging.  I will not give into the temptation to watch any several hour long BBC movie based on my favorite English novels.  So here it goes.  The following pictures are entirely random but since they had no other home they are landing on the crazy lady with 6 kids page…let the blogging begin.

 February:  Greg returns from Peru with hats and soccer shirts.  The boys pose in front of their new soccer goal.  With two goals now we have some serious games going on.
 May:  After the tornadoes in Oklahoma my kids baked a bunch of cookies and brownies and made fresh lemonade as a fund raiser for those devastated in Oklahoma.  They made $75 and were so proud of themselves.
 May: Kate's kindergarten graduation.  She loved her teacher Miss Dahl and still hugs her everyday when she gets to school even though she is a big 1st grader now.
July:  Kate loves to take pictures with my phone and loves to pose Lily.  Most the pictures are blurry or scary but this one keeps us laughing.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of School

Here she is, the first day of First Grade.  Kate is loving her teacher Mrs. Parsons and is really coming out of her shell.  Music is her favorite but she dreads PE.  Although PE did start her onto some pretty nice jump rope skills.  She is comfortable at school now and loves it, but Emmy and I miss her.

Big Fourth Grader, Mack.  He loves recess, PE, and math, when they let him go in with the 5th graders.  He never talks out of turn (I wonder if he talks at all in the classroom) and reads all day long.

I think this was the first and last time Andrew wore his glasses to school this year.  Mr. Third Grade loves PE, Science, recess, talking to anyone who will listen, and about every hot lunch option they have.  He is braver than I.

I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't even get out of bed for Natali's first day of Middle School.  Greg was still home so I just slept in.  Lame.  My neighbor did send me a photo of Natali in her car on the way to school that morning, but somehow I can't find it on my phone anymore...Natali loves Social Studies, and Orchestra.  She likes 7th grade math but wishes there were only 6th graders in her class so they could move faster.  

Emmy would have me read to her all day, but unfortunately I fall asleep after and hour or so.  That means that now and then she has to do things other than listen to stories.  She, Lily and I have a lot of fun and enjoy those quiet hours with just the three of us.  In spite of it's downsides - I love sending my kids to school (most days) and am grateful for good teachers who do so much for my little guys.