Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of School

Here she is, the first day of First Grade.  Kate is loving her teacher Mrs. Parsons and is really coming out of her shell.  Music is her favorite but she dreads PE.  Although PE did start her onto some pretty nice jump rope skills.  She is comfortable at school now and loves it, but Emmy and I miss her.

Big Fourth Grader, Mack.  He loves recess, PE, and math, when they let him go in with the 5th graders.  He never talks out of turn (I wonder if he talks at all in the classroom) and reads all day long.

I think this was the first and last time Andrew wore his glasses to school this year.  Mr. Third Grade loves PE, Science, recess, talking to anyone who will listen, and about every hot lunch option they have.  He is braver than I.

I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't even get out of bed for Natali's first day of Middle School.  Greg was still home so I just slept in.  Lame.  My neighbor did send me a photo of Natali in her car on the way to school that morning, but somehow I can't find it on my phone anymore...Natali loves Social Studies, and Orchestra.  She likes 7th grade math but wishes there were only 6th graders in her class so they could move faster.  

Emmy would have me read to her all day, but unfortunately I fall asleep after and hour or so.  That means that now and then she has to do things other than listen to stories.  She, Lily and I have a lot of fun and enjoy those quiet hours with just the three of us.  In spite of it's downsides - I love sending my kids to school (most days) and am grateful for good teachers who do so much for my little guys.

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