Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Traditions

For our Halloween dinner this year Natali begged to invite friends.  I wanted to say no - where would we put them for starters, the garage?  But, in the end I gave in.  Natali decorated the house and did so much to get everything ready including making invitations.  The four oldest kids invited friends, except Mack ended up with two…Greg led the games in the backyard while I finished preparations.  The kids had to keep the "head' on the platter while racing the other teams.  It was pretty funny.  

 Sea Scum Soda (You can't see the gummy worm ice cubes)
 Monsters and Crackers
Slimy Worms
 Deviled Eyes
Rats Baked in Blood                                      
This was everyone's favorite - Dracula's Dentures - one little boy actually put the whole thing in his mouth like dentures.  If only we could of snagged a picture before he started gagging.

Overall the party was a huge success.  Greg was a hilarious waiter, throwing my kids into the "dungeon" when they were out of hand (which all the kids thought was so funny).  Everyone had a blast.  One mom texted the next day that her boys said it was the best party they had ever been to.  I think that had a lot to do with so many kids in one room with silly adult - but I was glad they liked it.  Will we invite friends again next year?  We'll see...
 Annual trip to the pumpkin patch - we were lucky to have Grandma Nani there with us.

Mack wanted to be a BYU football player but didn't want to pay the big bucks for the costume.   So he improvised using his uncle's jersey.  The best part is that he took a hand me down Denver Broncos helmet and used duck tape to create this master piece.  He was pretty pleased with what he created.

Andrew was just loving the face paint and cornstarch in his hair.

 Natali wanted so badly to come up with a "memorable" costume for her last year of trick or treating.  However nothing she or I came up with met that lofty goal.  So she borrowed grandma's poodle skirt and white sneakers, put on a bunch of make-up and life was pretty good.

My little sweetie made my day by choosing to be the caterpillar.  This is one of my favorite costumes that I have made and it makes me happy every time on of the kids uses it.  The face paint was definitely her favorite part.

Lily and Kate helped complete the little bug family we had going on.  Lily only lasted as a bee for about 10 minutes, but at least we took some pictures.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Orchestra Concert

In Middle School Natali was given the choice of choir, orchestra or wheel (4 classes that may or may not include choir, PE, art, life choices (don't ask?), or other random classes).  Natali choose Orchestra, and picked out the viola for an instrument.  Now our home has a new sound of music, although we have had to create a rule about not playing in the same room where people are talking…she loves it. 
During her first concert, her teacher had her stand up to show proper posture for playing.  As we watched the rest of the performance we could she why he used her as an example.  She din't budge from that perfect position.  Definitely didn't get that from me…maybe Grandma Dame?
She is wearing my shoes (hers were too small) and my skirt (she didn't have a black one).  The skirt has a draw string and was really bunched around her tiny waist.  It is hard for me to believe we have the same shoe size.  It won't be long before she is taller than me...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday Time

He's 10!  Can you tell he's a cougar fan?  What kid just wants plain chocolate cake for his birthday?  He wanted no frosting of any kind - which makes it hard to make his cake look like the requested football field.  In the end I came up with this and he loved it (and so did I - so easy!)

Showing off his wad of cash and Walmart gift card.  He has loved having the $$$ power to buy whatever he wants.
Some of his gifts: Nano bug playground, a book, practice golf balls that he can hit in the field by our house, more Nano bugs... 
Mack just makes me happy.  He puts up with my teasing and silliness and laughs at me just enough to make me feel good.  I like to change words to songs as narration to whatever we are doing around the house.  I often pause to see if anyone can finish my phrase with a rhyme.  Mack always comes through.  We are on the same wavelength.  I love that.  I also love how kind he is to his sisters.  He tucks the little girls in now and then and is always willing to love on Lily.  I love to just sit and listen to him tell me about his day.  I'm so blessed to be his Mama.