Friday, November 1, 2013

Mack's Hair

After the staples in the head Mack got out of a few hair cuts.  Then he just refused to let me cut it.  So that hair got longer and longer and surprised us with how much wave it had.  We already knew he had crazy calics but the waves were new.  He went to school some mornings with pretty crazy hair.

This goofy look was created with a brush and some bed head.

And this fabulous swirl was a work of art one Sunday morning.  Right out of Whoville huh?

Yet, there were times when his hair looked like he could be in a boy band.  It was hard to come by, that look only happened after several sweaty hours running around with a football helmet on.
He finally got tired of having the hair in his eyes when he played football so off the hair came.  It was a wild adventure every morning trying to tame it, but I kind of miss it (don't tell Mack).

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