Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emmy Girl

Isn't it funny how nicknames randomly become a part of your vocabulary?  Emmy turned to Nemmy (because of a Dr. Doofenshmirtz song). Then Nemmy turned to Nemmers because of Mack.  Suddenly, Emily is called Nem or Nemmers.  Weird, but we love that Nemmers.  
She asked for a pink kitty cake with pink polka dots.  I exceeded my expectations with this one.  Thankfully, she was pleased as well.

Here she is with all her treasure.  Em loved her Ariel doll because, "She has red hair, like me."  Every morning she comes down the stairs with a smile.  She lights up my day and makes everyone so happy.  I am treasuring my days home with her, reading books and playing games.  I love that little sweetheart.

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