Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pudding Party

Every now and then I have to give Andrew a reason to get messy - I don't do it often enough, poor kid.  Today after school I told the kids they could have a bowl of pudding but no spoons.  It was fun to watch them get messy.  Andrew made a nice Abraham Lincoln beard.  At some point Kate started using her fingers to create polka dot face.  Natali licked the bowl clean with hardly a smudge.  Its good to be silly.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lily's 1st Birthday

So hard to believe my baby is one!  Our little girl is a joy to all of us.  No one can resist kissing, hugging, carrying, helping, smothering this baby with love.  At church each week the kids fight over who gets to hold her.  We sit on a bench than can probably hold ten people but I usually have five kids mauling the baby and I in the space allotted for two people.  This usually leads to me taking her to the back of the chapel where she can breathe and everyone else can find a seat.  Yet, I can see why it's hard not to try and get one more smile out of her.

She spent her birthday doing her favorite things - taking a bath, eating grapes and minestrone soup, loving her kitty, and scooting all over the house.
 Here she is devouring her soup.  She often out eats a few of the other kids combined.
 In the last few weeks Mack has started to call her Billy.  It is hilarious now because she is called Billy half the time.  Weird - probably- but when you hear Mack say it, somehow it doesn't sound weird; it just sounds sweet.

The kids gave her some hand-me-down treasures- Pokemon cards, stuffed animals, bracelets, you name it.  She also got some wonderful books about other girls named Lily and a xylophone.  I never would have guessed it but she loves this thing.  She scoots around holding it and she totally plays it.  It is adorable.
 She enjoyed her first cupcake.  Natali and Mack wanted the cupcakes to look like grapes, in honor of her favorite food, hence the purple cupcakes.  She loved them and made a fantastic mess.  I love how she puts her foot up on the tray.  It makes me laugh every time.
My sweet baby is less than 16 lbs. but we can't love our little shrimp anymore than we do.  If only we could bulk her up a bit…Happy Birthday Lily!