Sunday, April 27, 2014

Emily's Birthday

This year Emily wanted another cat cake but requested a purple and turquoise spotted cat complete with a body .  Turquoise has become the color of choice for all my girls lately.  Natali loves it and so the others follow - pretty sweet.  Em's big day fell on the same night as Pine Wood Derby so we celebrated a day early.  No complaints about that.  She loved her cake and the Lego High School she got.  Of course she couldn't really build it, but man, she wanted it.  Consequently, I had the pleasure of putting it together.
As a four year old her favorite thing to do is sit on my lap and have me read books.  She can't get enough of them.  She also loves to play outside and play with her sisters.  Emmy is such a happy little thing.  Every morning when she walks down the stairs she just lights up the room and clears away everyones morning grouchies.  I keep telling her that she isn't allowed to grow any more but must stay four forever.  I just love the phase she is in and don't want it to end.
Bath time is such fun.  Love these girls.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kate is 7


Kate turned 7 this year and had her first "friend" party.  Typical of me - I only have two pictures and one video - sorry Kate.  She had a rainbow theme and used crepe paper all over the house to look like rainbows.  They had a rainbow fruit tray, rainbow cupcakes, and a rainbow musical chairs game which awarded skittles when you were out.  They had a great time playing rainbow tag with face paints and just being together.  

She invited two boys to her party.  My first child to ever cross genders on b-day invites.  Ironically, they got her the same girl Lego.  Too funny.  She had a great time with all her friends.  Somehow I can't even find a video of her blowing out candles at her family party (I think that little Lily may have done some deleting).  We gave her the big Lego house she had been wanting.

My Kate has changed so much this year.  She started the school year somewhat nervous but now she has tons of friends, is learning to read, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself.  She loves singing and just playing with friends and sisters.  She is also more willing to try new things.

One new thing she picked up this year happens on Sunday.  After church and lunch I like to take a nap.  Kate now walks me to my bed pulls up the covers, tucks me in, and sings me a song.  I love it.  I miss it when she forgets.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Boys Basketball

The boys both played basketball this winter and loved it.  They both scored a basket or two each game. I'm sure if you ask them they could tell you exactly how many they scored, how many shots they took, how many assists they had and how many times they were fouled and it wasn't called….  I enjoyed watching.

 Andrew shooting
 Hand off
His buddies

Mack's Team (somehow I only ended up with videos of Mack)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fun with the Girls

 First ice cream cone.  She couldn't get it fast enough and would cry if you took it from her lips.
 These crazy girls have two beds but nearly everynight Kate ends up moving closer and closer to her sister.  Most nights she sleeps in the crease between the two beds.  I guess she just likes knowing someone is close by.  Luckily, Emily doesn't mind most of the time.  Although, we did have one night when she woke up screaming becasue Kate was in her bed.
 I love this girl.
Fun at Grandma's house playing train and boat in her giganic box.

Playing in the Snow

This winter has been so fun.  I have managed to get on the ski hill with my kids several times.  I loved spending a few days with just the big kids.  We could go almost anywhere- what a reward after so many years of teaching.  Best of all- they love it.  The fighting almost disappears, there are no electronics, just us and a bag of Skittles.  Life is good.

 I spent a lot of time with Kate teaching her the basics.  That process is always full of ups and downs but I love the one on one time and that feeling that I am teaching them something they can enjoy for the rest of their life.  I also discover a little about how they learn.  I just love being up on top of the world and sharing that with my kids.

Here are a few pics from my phone capturing the silliness, beauty, and fun.
Nice hair Mack and Natali!

 Here's my beginner.  It would seem that I took a million videos for her to show everyone - but this is the only picture.
 Andrew has been wearing these boots all season.  Lets just say that these boot might be older than I am and sadly, Andrew finished them off on our last run of the year.  Luckily he managed to get down the hill- but just barely.
This is my niece heading down the hill and look at that view- oh I love it.
Lily LOVED being out in the snow.  It didn't hurt that it was 45-50 degrees.
Good bye snow - can't wait for next year.