Thursday, April 3, 2014

Playing in the Snow

This winter has been so fun.  I have managed to get on the ski hill with my kids several times.  I loved spending a few days with just the big kids.  We could go almost anywhere- what a reward after so many years of teaching.  Best of all- they love it.  The fighting almost disappears, there are no electronics, just us and a bag of Skittles.  Life is good.

 I spent a lot of time with Kate teaching her the basics.  That process is always full of ups and downs but I love the one on one time and that feeling that I am teaching them something they can enjoy for the rest of their life.  I also discover a little about how they learn.  I just love being up on top of the world and sharing that with my kids.

Here are a few pics from my phone capturing the silliness, beauty, and fun.
Nice hair Mack and Natali!

 Here's my beginner.  It would seem that I took a million videos for her to show everyone - but this is the only picture.
 Andrew has been wearing these boots all season.  Lets just say that these boot might be older than I am and sadly, Andrew finished them off on our last run of the year.  Luckily he managed to get down the hill- but just barely.
This is my niece heading down the hill and look at that view- oh I love it.
Lily LOVED being out in the snow.  It didn't hurt that it was 45-50 degrees.
Good bye snow - can't wait for next year.

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