Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Football Concussion

Mack and Andrew got to play on the same football team this year.  Mack's age team was full and he was so light that he was able to play down.  Even after playing down he was one of the four lightest kids on the team.  Greg was assistant coach and the boys loved it - until one tackle during practice where Mack sustained a concussion that kept him out of school for 12 days.  His hit didn't seam that bad at the time but the ensuing headache and neck pain didn't ease after a good nights sleep.  I kept him home and figured he could take it easy and be fine in a day or two.  He didn't improve so I took him to a Doc and stopped all stimulation.  No light, no TV, no toys, nothing.  Just a dark room, alone; I told him he would learn what it meant to be bored.  After a day of that I gave into audio books to keep him from going crazy.  He listened to 40 hours of Harry Potter and at least 4 other books.  After a week in the dark and no improvement we sought other Doctors- it took a while but we finally ended up with a prescription and physical therapy.  Thankfully, the combo finally helped.  After more than two weeks gone he eased back into school with half days wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes.  It was a rough three weeks of worry and frustration but he is fully recovered now, although he still prefers to wear sunglasses to school.  He has always been a little sensitive to light and I think he just likes having the shades in bright room.  He looks pretty silly because the shades are the type that attach to your glasses and flip up and down.  Dorky, but functional, and he doesn't seam to care about dorky.  Nearly a month after his injury he was cleared for physical activity again.  It was so strange to him to be out of shape.  Luckily, football was over by then so we didn't have to address that issue.  I'm just hoping next year he doesn't want to play.  Maybe he could get a little more into soccer - that's safer...right?

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