Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Elsa and Anna - Kate picked out her fabric and helped me make her costume.  I wasn't quite up for Anna's coronation gown so Emmy got store bought.  She was thrilled and wasn't about to ruin the costume with a long sleeve shirt.  She lasted all night without a jacket or anything.  Crazy girl.

The funnest part was fixing their hair.  Natalie found a bunch of how to videos and we had a great time trying them out.  Kate's braid was so perfect with her thick hair - if only it were longer.
 Natali got flustered about her costume and refused to pose for pictures so we will just leave it at that.
 Andrew wanted to be a nerd and made a pretty good one.  Although he did learn that he could only hike his pants up so far without uncomfortable side effects.
 Anna again.
 Mack borrowed one of my brother's old costumes.  I have no idea what he is but it was creepy.
Lily refused to wear the lion hat until we actually started getting the treats.  Then she put it on without complaint- she is all about the candy - whatever it takes.

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