Sunday, March 1, 2015

Random Moments From My Phone

 Emmy's preschool group had a field trip to Pizza Hut.  She loved making her own pizza and keeps asking when we can do it again.
 She was a little bit excited about this new toy.
 Hummus by the spoonful - why not?
 Lily loved this rocking horse.
I have a 5th grade knitting club at my kids school that I knit with each Friday.  It's been so fun and has inspired me to teach my own kiddos.  I got busy one Sunday and taught Mack and Kate how to knit.  Sadly, I haven't passed that skill on to my kids very well.  
 Naked baby's are so cute.
 This silly girl has decided she is all grown up.  She refused to ride in the wagon and insisted on carrying her purse and blanket all the way from our house to the bus stop (just less than half a mile).  On the way home she let me pull her heavily packed purse and her blanket but still walked nearly the entire way home.

 Natali joined ski team this year so we had to ski a lot -darn it :)

We took the kids bowling one night and figured Kate's outfit had to be documented for future blackmail.  Size 4T PJ pants (Yes, she is nearly 8), knee high socks, bowling shoes, and a Christmas apron.  That is style!
 Lily wanted to bowl too - which was pretty dangerous and difficult to manage but the kids had a blast.
Grandma Dame made this apron.  It has taken months for us to convince her than you don't have to strip down to wear it.  Somehow wearing it over your clothes seams less awesome to Lily.
 Yogurt face and upside down glasses - love it.
 You know your baby is sick when you find them sitting like this at 10 in the morning- sad.
 Visiting the Bean Museum at BYU with some friends.  What fun!
 While at this friends house Lily made a discovery - their little girl had the same stuffed leopard (affectionately called Glamor) as she did.  Some how when we got home from Utah we discovered that we now had two Glamors.  The little thief.  Luckily, they thought it was so cute they let her keep it.
 Another preschool field trip - to a gymnastics place this time.  Emily and Lily loved it - too bad it was 30 minutes from our house.

My Baby is Growing Up

 Lily started opening her presents before we were even ready.  She had this swimsuit unwrapped and her clothes half off before I even realised what was happening.  The swimsuit stayed on all day and has now been hidden because if she can find it she wants to wear it.
While opening every present she said, "Ahh."  Like the noise people make when they say, "Ahh, it's so cute."  She would make that little "Ahh" even before she saw what was in the package.  It was so funny.

Here she is - loaded up with favorites from her stash.  When it came time for cake and ice cream she knew exactly what to do with the candles.  Her petite little puffs put out the flames and she devoured her ice cream.  Lily lights up my day and we all dote on her.  Her vocabulary is growing so fast - I love it. Can't get enough of my little cutie.