Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Baby is Growing Up

 Lily started opening her presents before we were even ready.  She had this swimsuit unwrapped and her clothes half off before I even realised what was happening.  The swimsuit stayed on all day and has now been hidden because if she can find it she wants to wear it.
While opening every present she said, "Ahh."  Like the noise people make when they say, "Ahh, it's so cute."  She would make that little "Ahh" even before she saw what was in the package.  It was so funny.

Here she is - loaded up with favorites from her stash.  When it came time for cake and ice cream she knew exactly what to do with the candles.  Her petite little puffs put out the flames and she devoured her ice cream.  Lily lights up my day and we all dote on her.  Her vocabulary is growing so fast - I love it. Can't get enough of my little cutie.

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