Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer - Blink and It's Gone

 Last day of school- we hit the neighborhood lake with the neighbor kids.
 Yellowstone with the Pierces was a blast
 Grandma watched the littles so Grandpa could fly the big kids and mom out to Iowa to see the cousins.  We had a wonderful time playing with the cousins and exploring South Dakota on the way home.  We drove all over but eventually found Andrew some bison - his first not in or around Yellowstone.  It was beautiful country.
 Swimming with the Easton cousins in Mesquite.
Left to right: AW, SW holding L, E, twins, EW, A, TE, ME, N, K
 Our visit to Olympic Park in Park City was such a blast.   

 We tired Lily out and she made an early exit with some other cousins but the older kids loved the zipline, slide, ropes course, and watching the ski jumping.
All of may family gathered in Park City to hang out for a few days.  It was so much fun but with 40 some people staying in the same massive house bed time was a little crazy.  Somehow, Kate and Lily managed to get in a few Z's.  My favorite part of the trip was the day Laura organized Ninja trials.  Some of the adults took different stations and the kids went around in groups trying out their ninja skills.  It was hilarious and even the older kids had fun.  I love all the time with family in the summer! 

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