Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Sunshine is 5

{This post was written in February 2016- I am playing catch up} 

Emmy wanted a Unikitty cake for her birthday.  It pushed my cake decorating boundaries but I was so impressed when it was done.  I was quite proud of myself and she was thrilled. In fact the cake was so cool that Lily requested the same one for her birthday in 2016.
One of Em's favorite gifts was that stuffed owl from Mack.  She named it "Spells" and it hardly left her side for months.  Then sometime that summer it was lost and she was quite devastated.  For Christmas she received another "Spells" and they were rarely, if ever separated (she even took it to school in her backpack even though that was against the rules).  She has bought herself a few other treasured stuffed animals and is often separated from "Spells" but she still loves him dearly.

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