Thursday, February 18, 2016

She's 3

For her birthday we played her favorite game, pretend you are an animal.  She has given herself a name for each type of animal game we play-- "Pillow" the cat, "Emily" the dog, "Squeak" the dolphin, and "Snip Snap" the turtle.   I love that she is so consistent with these names.  If she comes up to me and "meows" I know she is Pillow.  She never wavers from these self imposed names.

Her neighbor and buddy came over with a gift of bubbles and stickers.  Immediate joy and entertainment.  I love the simple pleasures of kids.  The best part was that Lily said thank you, unprompted, 10 or more times.

 About 5 minutes before making her cake I luckily figured out that the kitty cake she had been talking about for months was actually a Unikitty cake.  Glad I figured that out when I did.  The unfortunate part was that Unikitty is way harder than plan old kitty, but she was so happy when it was done - all worth it.
Lily loves to be on the counter and we had a bit of a run around night so in the midst of dinner, presents and cake she settled into her favorite spot and opened all her presents right on top of the counter.

For her birthday Kate and I sewed her some new bedding.  I tried hard to copy the feel of her favorite blanky in an attempt to make one long enough to cover her growing body since she won't use any other blanket.  Miracle of Miracles she actually likes it and uses it every night.  It made me so happy.  
Here she is with her new bedding and all her "guys" as she likes to call her beanie boo stuffed animals.  She has a growing herd of them since that is all her siblings can think to give her for every holiday or generous moment.

I love this beautiful brown eyed girl.  She makes me so happy everyday. 

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