Saturday, April 30, 2016

It Birthday Time

Kate's 9th birthday.  Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory was fabulous.  She requested a violin but I couldn't find a good deal so I encouraged her to wait till school was over.  By the time we got back around to the violin she had changed her mind and picked out a bicycle.  The only girl bike we could find that wasn't pink.  No pink for that girl.

 Natali turned the big 14 and has started to go to stake dances.  Crazy!

 Emily got to have the Wilfords over for her 6th birthday party with rainbow cake.  The cake was supposed to be a rainbow jellyroll cake but the cake broke into a million pieces and so we turned it into a rainbow trifle cake.  Luckily, Emmy was thought it was still great.  Love that girl.

This party was held before her birthday because she spent her birthday in Yellowstone looking for moose.

 Our birthday girl- hiking in the rain on her birthday.  I love hikes like this - everything points to failure (i.e. hiking in the rain with 6 kids) but they had a blast and worked together to keep each other cheerful.

 This skeleton on the trail did cause a little drama but we did a goo job of distracting them on the way back so they forgot all about it.

The lake at the end of the journey - love these guys!

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