Thursday, May 19, 2016

More Birthdays

Andrew celebrated his 11th birthday with his traditional cinnamon rolls and Sour Skittles although this year he ate them separate; a good change.  He graduated from Cub Scouts and received his Arrow of Light Award.  
Andrew's favorite thing about church is all the babies.  He knows every baby's name and is always trying to smile at them.  He loves the primary leaders who let him hold their babies.  I think those leaders are smart - he is much more reverent while holding a baby.
 For his Christmas present he and Greg drove to Hell's Canyon and took a river boat ride.  He had to wait several months but it was worth it; they had a blast.  I love this, "The sun is in my eyes!" picture.

 For Greg's birthday this year he made himself dutch oven peach and mango cobbler and I made ice cream.  A win for everyone.

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