Thursday, June 23, 2016

Party in Wisconsin

One of my sisters lives in Wisconsin and for years we have heard about the wonders of Wisconsin Dells, water park dream land.  When my parents left on their mission we decided to get together somewhere other than Ontario.  The wonders of the Dells were calling and the reunion was planned.  My brothers couldn't make it nor could the brother-in-laws so in the end it was just the 5 girls, 26 kids, and dozens of water parks.  Let the party begin.

First we had to get to Wisconsin - a 24 hour drive.  Val and I caravaned through Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska.  We only got complaints in one hotel but it was a good experience becasue I was able to teach my kids how to use a phone with a cord.  My back was still giving me grief but with Mack, Natali and Val's help we made it to Iowa where we spent a day playing with the Bernard cousins.  They had a huge water fight, went ice skating, fished in the pond, and went shopping with Uncle Aaron.  Total party.

Then we all rode together to The Dells.  We met my other two sisters and enjoyed the next three days swimming, sliding and just hanging out.  I wished we could have had more time to chat.  It is hard to have a decent conversation when you are at an indoor water park that echos and you are trying to keep 6 toddlers from drowning.  The kids had such a blast but I don't have many photos cause I didn't want my phone anywhere near the water.
 One afternoon the kids enjoyed the arcade and ropes course.  Here is Emmy.
 Sophie, Emmy, and Hattie - awesome climbers.
 Natali on the course.
 Walking from one park to the other.  It really was amazing how many different parks there were.  I think we went to three out door parks and three indoor ones.  Even Mack, who doesn't love water, had a blast.  How could you not with that variety?

 Our last night we all went out for ice cream.  Such a wonderful time.  Love these kids.

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