Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence, Liberty Jail, Adam-ondi-aman, Far West, and the Best Hotel Ever

We drove on to Independence.  Saw the Visitors Center and then caught a tour of Liberty Jail.  The reconstruction of the jail is so wonderful.  By leaving it open it is easy to imagine how cold and cramped it would have been down there.  It was a good visual for the kids.
That night we arrived at our hotel to find this amazing pool.  It was like we were back at the Dells.  We only had an hour to play before it closed and the kids all loved it.

The next day we hit our last tourist sights- The Alexander Doniphan Statue, Three Witnesses Monument in the cemetery and then on to the Farr West Temple site.  I remember visiting there when Natali was a baby.  I was touched by the spirit of the place and felt it again this time as well.

Our last stop was Adam-ondi-ahman.  This valley has special significance as the place Adam and Eve went when they were cast out of the garden.  There are also future events prophesied to take place here.  It is a beautiful valley.  We sat looking it over, talking about it's significance, trying to help the kids feel the spirit when some deer were spotted in the field below.  There was some discussion as to wither it was really deer.  Annoyed with the discussion someone sarcastically said, "It's not a deer - it's a bear."  Much to our surprise and amusement Emily freaked out.  She started crying and trying to run to the car.  We tried to calm her down but the moment was lost - everyone was either laughing or crying so we hoped in the van and started the journey home.

We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner that night and everyone was actually well behaved and kind to each other.  On our way out and older lady stopped me and asked if they were all mine - the usual questions.  Then she commented about how well behaved they were.  She was so kind and encouraging.  It is nice to have moments like that.

We had planned to take two days to get home but as we went to bed that night Greg decided he was going to try getting home the next night.  Sure enough Greg drove 1011the next day to get us home around 1 in the morning.  It was an exhausting day but everyone was cheering Greg on - we all wanted to be home.  Vacation is so fun, I love seeing new things and spending time together, but it is always nice to come home.

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