Monday, August 1, 2016

Random but Fun

The following post is a compilation of pictures from Greg's phone.  Which often means I wasn't there.  These pictures are out of order and I can't remember which thing happened when but we had fun and don't want to forget that we do have fun sometimes.

The kids and I had a silly stiring war one day when Greg was out of town and that inspired us to host a neighborhood Silly String War.  We had four families show up and we had a blast.  The clean up wasn't even so bad with that many hands.  The kids want to make it an annual event...we'll see.  It would help if I could remember when it was...

 For Memorial Day Greg and the three oldest signed up for the Bubble Run in Boise.  I was signed up too but hurt my back so had to opt out.  They thought it was fun and loved being messy - at least for a little while.
Mack and Greg golfing in the rain.
Our soccer boy and his little pal.
Natali's first stake dance.

This summer Mack was working on an emergency kit for scouts.  We decided to put some of the kids old glass in the kit just in case.  Lily found them and got creative.  And who doesn't love a one eyed pirate tiger? Lily keeps us laughing.

Natali and Mack went to do baptisms with Greg.  I can't beileve how old they are getting.

Okay this doesn't qualify as fun but here it goes anyway.  We had a big problem with wasps this summer.  The good news was I was the only one who got stung (4 times for me).  The bad news was that my reactions were pretty terrible.  One sting on the finger ended up sending me to the doctor.  My hand was red, hot, and swollen so much I could hardly bend my fingers.  As we sat in the waiting room the swelling moved slowly up my arm.  I don't know if these pictures capture it but it was an unnerving experience.  And unfortunately my kids are way more afraid of wasps now!