Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Week In My Favorite Place

This summer I was determined to enjoy an entire week in McCall.  As luck would have it, our designated week was a cool one and the pool was broken.  Inspite of that we still loved it.  We played in the sand, ate huckleberries, played tennis, took lots of hikes, hung out downtown, and just enjoyed being together.  Life really is better here!

 Our friends met us up there one day and enjoyed the beach and berry picking.  In spite of the weather the kids still managed to get plenty wet.  It was less than 65 degrees outside - burr.

 Like the little mermaid?

 The kids all set some summer goals and each goal had a prize associated with it.  Emmy met her reading goal and got a date to Ice Cream Alley with Mom.

 My most frequent hikers.
For about an hour all 6 of them were working together on this sand structure.  I love those moments.

Greg joined us for the weekend and took us on a hike - unfortunately we never found the right trail.  We ended up traipsing through the forest being consumed by mosquitos.  The littler kids had the worst of it becasue the brush was over their heads half the time.  This picture shows Kate crawling across the river; it doesn't capture the moaning.  This little avdenture ended in tears and lots of itching but they all brightened up when we went to Ice Cream Alley for lunch.

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