Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back to School

 We were sad to see summer come to an end but the kids were exited to start a new year.

 My Middle Schoolers - Andrew 6th and Mack 7th

 Kate in Mrs. Miller's 4th grade  and Emily in Mrs. K's 1st grade.  Her last name is long and complicated for 1st graders (or bad spellers like me) so they just call her Mrs. K.  Lily and I miss our Emmy but she is loving her 1st grade.

Believe it or not Natali is in High School -crazy.  She is loving it so far.  

For Labor Day weekend we went up to McCall.  I spent the Friday and Saturday with just the little girls.  The other kids and Greg had comitments.  We had such a blast.  It was cold but we still swam in that wonderful pool for hours, took a lot of walks, and watched the rain from the balcony.  I love that place.  Sunday evening the rest of the gang joined us and we enjoyed a fabulous hike.  It sprinkled on us and Lily still has some "peeing in the woods" experience to gain, but since she managed to find huckleberries to eat while we walked all the wetness was forgotten.  My Macky boy has been growing his hair out.  Most of the time I really like it but early morning, pre shower hair can be pretty awesome.
One Friday after school Greg and I were determined to do something fun with the kids that didn't involve lots of $ or the TV.  We have lived near the Snake River for 10 years now but most of the kids had never floated in it so we decided to remedy that.  We had a lot of fun for the first hour, but then it started geting old, and getting darker and darker.  A few of the kids got swept away for brief moments ending up out of their tubes...lets just say by the end we were all SO happy to be done.  Everyone was cold, scraped up and exhausted.  I figured everyone would cry the whole way home and complain about how awful it was.  But I was surprised to hear them talking about "next time".  They even jumped at the chance for a family photo in the car on the way home.  (Yes I look ridiculous - maybe someday I will figure out how to look normal in a selfie, but don't hold your breath).

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