Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Birthday Boy

The boy with crazy hair turns 13!!!  He always wants a plain chocolate cake.  So I made his cake - then he says, "Actually, could you make it look like this?"  and shows me a picture.  Even though he hates frosting he decided that plain chocolate cake is sort of lame.  So Natali and I put our skills together and came up with this.  I thought is was pretty good.  He just cut the top off his and gave it to all the frosting lovers.  This summer we bought him a whole bunch of camping gear for high adventure so that was his early birthday gift but he did get some cool new Legos.  

On his birthday he got all of his favorite foods and got to watch a movie on a school night. Later that week he got to invite some friends over for several hours of boy time, brownies, a movie, and gifts.      I sure love this boy.  He gives me a hug every night before bed without fail, he showers nearly everyday and reads his scriptures each morning before school.  He is so self motivated and disciplined.  He makes my life easy and pleasant.  I know if I am getting too stressed that hanging out with Mack can calm my mood.  Don't know what I'd do without him.  

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