Saturday, December 24, 2016

December - Light the World

For Christmas this year our family took part in a challenge to light the world by giving 25 days of Christ-like service.  We had so much fun and it really put "Christ" in Christmas for us.  We took pictures of the different things we did to send to both sets of Grandparents as their Christmas gifts.  Here are some of my favorite pictures...
A girl on the bus was bullied -
Andrew and Kate helped repair the damage
Kate reading to Lily
 Donating food to school food drives
 Visiting and Caroling to our friend Lea from Nampa
 They picked out gifts for kids at the Children's Hospital
 Donating winter clothing to refugees
 Thank you notes to teachers
 Christmas Caroling 
Rembering Christ by putting on the Nativity

Can you tell they are really into the dab?  Andrew has taught the younger girls and now someone is dabbing in every picture.  It makes me smile.

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