Saturday, February 4, 2017

Billy Goat is 4

Our baby is growing so fast.  It makes me sad sometimes but we sure love this little bug.  Since her birthday she tells everyone we meet, "I'm 4."  This year she had a star shaped Hello Kitty cake all planed out till her "Trolls" obsession took over and last minute we had to make it a Poppy cake.  I think I did pretty well - in fact I'm confident I draw better with frosting than pencil.  

Here she is with her Hello Kitty chair, her light up rain boots, and her favorite pair of pants.  She also got a bunch of new stuffed animals, a lot of little troll dolls, play dough, and some other stuff that I can't remember any more.  This year she was old enough to pick out all her favorite foods for dinner and she got her own little container of mango ice cream.  This little girl loves her brothers and sisters and no matter how much I plead otherwise, they give her whatever she wants.  She especially loves Emmy.  At least once a day she asks if we can go get Emmy from school.  She is my realist that says how things really are and makes sure I am always going the right way to peoples houses.  We couldn't love her more.
This picture shows off the bangs she cut for herself Christmas morning while I was getting ready for church.  Could have been much worse.

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